Vatsavaye Associates has served more than few thousand of people since its beginning by 1983. We offer landscaping and garden services a highly advanced design and create professional plant designs that are known to design a wide range of organization like MNC companies. We are leaving an unforgettable impression for our guests.

Vatsavaye Associates concentrate on providing special plants for different designs, fountains, swimming pools etc. We are equipped for any kind of events from gathering beautification for plant designs on different occasions.

Vatsavaye Associates are committed to make your Occasion memorable designing’s on your offices, houses, food courts, gulf courts, so just relax and let of our designs there low prices like never beat out 1990 we are in housekeeping services 1995 event Management 2000 form houses , club houses, Airports 2005 we are enter into a service like indoor plants, green houses concepts, Kitchen garden with vegetable and leafy vegetables.

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What We Do

The Vatsavaye was created to provide meaningful travel experiences for discerning travelers. It all started back in 200... We’ve been knitting together many beautiful and inspirational holidays for our guests.

The Vatsavaye brings together authentic and unique experiences that are intimately connected to the local communities we engage and work together with. We enable travelers to be part of some of the most inspiring stories around – of communities working together to provide unique experiences in some of the most magical places on Earth.

“Creating better places for people to live in and for people to visit”
The Vatsavaye develops travel encounters that reveal truths about the places you visit, by creating meaningful connections to local people and ensuring that the trip is beneficial to both the travelers and the residents they meet. We bring out what is special about that community – its original flavors and practices. We believe that travelling this way brings us closer to how people really live.

The Vatsavaye is all about finding what’s unique about a place and the people who live in it, and sharing it with the people who come to visit. We work to conserve the nature, landscapes, heritage and community of the places we travel to. As a socially conscious enterprise, we want to create better places for people to live and for people to visit.

We provide hand-picked holidays ranging from half a day experiences to long stays. From watching traditional puppetry in a rural ambience to a heritage walking trail in an urban setting, from waking up in the middle of the rain forest to staying at a high-end boutique property – your experience will be tailored to match your interests.

How we do it

We understand that our travelers want to feel something new; they want a fresh sensory experience, they want to feel anew. The Blue Yonder makes that magic happen through local encounter. When we take you off the beaten track, away from the familiar, into the brave new world of discovery, novelty – and wonder – there’s always a story to be found, to be told, to be heard, to be experienced.

India Travel


Vatsavaye Associates is a leading India travel agent and tour operator providing unparalleled tour travel packages that perfectly suit the budget traveler and holiday seeker. It is backed by superior technology and excellent customer service with unmatched convenience of 24×7 Online Hotel Reservations Guide which make it easier for travelers to make travel and vacation reservations at their fingertips.

Through Online Travel Packages

Through Online India Travel Portal Services we provide a complete solution to travel portal featuring travel websites, travel deals, hotels guides, travel tips. Our Special Tour Packages and Holidays Package include complete travel arrangements of air/train ticketing bookings, hotels accommodation, State-of-the-art cars and coaches and all other India travel related services.

Vatsavaye Associates your travel planner in Asia and the whole world. Vatsavaye Associates offers outbound travel services around the world. Travel the world with www.vatasavayegroup.com Unleashed the world. Feel the excitement of traveling to a place where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. Whether you are looking for romantic escapade or family vacation or adventure tour, Vatsavaye Associates offers world-class travel services to you and takes care of all your niggling travel worries. Entrust us with your tour planning, hotel bookings, and cruises for your world travel plans.

Asia Travel


Out of the seven continents of the world, Asia is one amongst them extensively known for its huge population. Until now, Asia was way behind in contrast to other continents of the globe but the scene is different these days as steps have been taken and there has also been a drastic improvement since then. In spite of all these, Asia as a whole has made a mark on tourists for its one of a kind beauty, found nowhere else in the world. Visiting this gorgeous continent will literally take you to another world.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism and global healthcare industry made up of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment.

  • Vet the credibility of some of these healthcare establishments
  • Use our vast network of resources and connections to liaison with these establishments on behalf of the patients
  • Set in place a Quality Assurance system to get them the level of care they needed, matching with the best in international care standards
  • Help patients search and access quality services at JCI (Joint Commission International)-accredited facilities, where they would be
  • Served with trust, ethics, and transparency and
  • Help them negotiate and overcome the challenges of language and other barriers in a racially-diverse environment


Come with us on a walking and train riding shopping tour of the fascinating. It's not only a shopping tour, but a sightseeing tour as well.

Because we tour on foot, make sure that you are able to walk for 4-6 hours (with some breaks). This way, you learn how to ride trains and navigate around the central areas.

We will supply you with a map pack, so you are able to find your way back to your favorite places!!

We teach bargaining skills to our customers, let them know what the price should be so they know where to start… and show them how to walk away with the best price! We’re always on hand to assist while your confidence in bargaining grows.

Our preferred shops at the markets give us amazing prices without the exasperating and time consuming game of bargaining. We have researched the shops in the fabric market to the extent of having a tailor from NZ come and assess their workmanship; that is why we are so confident in the quality and pricing of their work! Customers also get the benefit of our local knowledge, return policy and delivery options. This is part of the value of our ticket price and helps us fit in more shopping destinations

Island & Beaches

Island resorts aren’t just private playgrounds for the rich and famous; they’re also for the budget-conscious traveler. Travel + Leisure combed the globe to find some of the most affordable and private tropical island resorts, many of which accommodate no more than a dozen guests, feature dishes made from fresh local ingredients from the garden and sea, and offer some of the best snorkeling in the world.

Heritage & cultural trail travels

Join us to learn and discover more about interesting facts of different cultures and heritage through exciting Outdoor Trails! Students will learn about the rich history of the various ethnic groups. They will get to walk the streets and take in the sights and sounds of these ethnic areas.

Eco Tourism

As you are taking up eco vacation, we will take utmost care of your expectations to enjoy a vacation full of fun and excitement. Depending upon your accommodation requirements, we book rooms in advance. Whether you seek a luxury accommodation or just a simple cottage accommodation, we are committed to take care of your every little accommodation requirement suitably meeting your budget.

Corporate Values


It is commonly used interchangeably with empathy, altruism, kindness and love. However, compassion must not be confined to just managing clients and visitors; it is also about treating our own employees compassionately.

Customer Service

We are just providing basic customer service if we are merely meeting expectations when we are personable, prompt, efficient, courteous, and reliable. It is when we are able to deliver beyond expectations, then are we are able to delight our guests and visitors.

Pride in Work

This is seen as a positive attitude to have as it celebrates one’s achievements and promotes self-worth or self-esteem. When you have pride in what you organize, plan, write, train and guide, then you will be able to do what you do exceedingly well and with a lot more passion.


Being professional is also about wanting to excel in whatever we undertake to do. When we do things right and well the first time, every time and all the time, then we are indeed displaying the highest level of professionalism.

Honesty & Integrity

When we take personal responsibility for our actions, we are indeed displaying honesty and integrity. As we are governed by the corporate governance principles, it is only when we have strong ethical behavior that we can stay true to the spirit behind corporate governance and we can all sleep well at night, knowing very well that our conscience is crystal clear.


Understanding teamwork is essential in order to achieve the goals and successes that every business hopes to see. Working together as a team means that several individual people have to come together and function as one solid unit. It involves taking the various talents and skills that each team member contributes and combining them into one successful effort.


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